Natural Earth Paint - Health and Safety

Health and Safety


Natural Earth Paints were developed with safety first. Our paints are safe, certified non-toxic, and organic. They have been tested by government approved toxicologists and are 100% non-toxic.

A few precautionary words:

The Children’s kits contain milk products. We recommend that you mix only as much as you need for one painting session. Refrigerate any leftovers, and they stay good for about 4 - 7 days. We do not recommend them for children with acute allergies to dairy products.

Take care not to inhale the dry powders, particularly the Earth Oil paint and the Natural Gold Mica

We take pride in all of our products because:

The Children's Earth paints contain only two ingredients, and the Earth Oil pigments contain only one ingredient. Our Natural Face Paint kits contain Certified Organic ingredients.

Our paints have been tested and conform to safety standard ASTMD-4236

All of our paints are safe to wash down the sink.

Did you know.........

Arts and crafts products do not usually list ingredients.

Artist's pigments are commonly made from petrochemicals, and the actual hazards of these materials are not always known.

Synthetic pigments that have never been tested for toxicity can be labeled "non-toxic." The rationale? There is no data to prove otherwise.

Arts and crafts paints are exempt from consumer paint lead laws. They often contain lead, cadmium, and a host of toxic ingredients like formaldehyde (a carcinogen), one of the most common paint preservatives. Be careful what you paint with or give your child to paint with.

Some of the most dangerously toxic conventional oil paints include:

  • antimony white
  • barium yellow
  • cadmium red, orange, and yellow
  • chrome green, chrome orange, and chrome yellow
  • cobalt violet, cobalt yellow
  • cobalt yellow
  • lead white, flake white
  • lithol red
  • manganese violet
  • molybdate orange
  • naples yellow
  • strontium yellow
  • vermilion
  • zinc yellow

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