Earth Paints & Nature Inspired Art Class January 22 2012

For Ages 8-13  with Leah Fanning Mebane

leaf prints made using natural earth paint

Saturday March 17  10AM - 12 PM 

"Go green” in the art studio for St. Patty’s Day, and for the Earth, and learn how to make earth paints from natural pigments and colored clay. Create your own brushes from plant stalks and use your new artist tools to create unique and natural art projects including eco-stationary with leaf and vegetable prints, glue batik  designs with earth paints, and painting smooth river stones for your garden or home. 

stone paintings using natural earth paints

All materials included: includes Earth Paint Kit to take home (retail value $29.99)!

REGISTER ONLINE:  $42 members/ $50 non-members

leaf prints made using natural earth paints

Need help paying for a class? Scholarships are available! Call for info.

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