Earth Paints & Nature Art Class March 21 2012

Earth Paints & Nature Art Class

example of activity at earth paints class

We will celebrate Earth Day with an all natural earth art class. I will demonstrate how you can make your own earth paints from natural clay. We will then paint smooth river rock stones and/or drift wood with earth paints. We'll make eco stationary with leaf, veggie & flower prints and Native American paintbrushes with plant stalks. If there is time, we'll learn how to make earth pastels and natural egg tempera paint.

When: April 27th 5-7 pm

Where: Jackson Wellsprings, in the Goddess Temple - 2253 Highway 99 N  Ashland, OR

Directions: The Tree of life Garden is in the back of Wellsprings and there is parking along the back road. Walk towards the tree of life garden, then look to your left you will see two domes, the first dome is the Goddess Temple and there is a bark path leading up to it.

How much: $25 per person includes all supplies (Earth Paints, stones, drift wood, leaves, veggies, paper, brushes, etc.)

What to bring (optional): We will be making Eco stationary with leaves and flowers and I will provide some basic paper but if you would like to bring nice or eco (hemp, hand-made, etc.) paper, please do. Also, if you have any large smooth rocks that you'd like to paint for your garden, please bring (I'll provide small rocks).

Who:  Everyone welcome

Taught by Leah Fanning Mebane

hands gathering natural earth pigments

Call or email Leah for more info. 541-890-6533

View Leah Mebane's website

aborigine woman making natural earth paints