Recycled Nature Mandala Craft for Kids January 13 2013

This is a great Winter craft using natural materials indoors on a cold day!

These Nature Mandalas were made by 2-4 year olds but they can be enjoyed by all ages with more intricate results.


Recycled cds

recycled house paint or gesso


Paint brush

Seeds, grains and spices (turmeric, paprika, mung beans, black sesame seeds, amaranth, red quinoa, mica flakes, etc.)

Step 1: For the parent or older child - Paint your old cds white with gesso or recycled house paint, let dry

Step 2: Brush glue on cd and sprinke spices on

Option - you can brush on a specific design and tap off excess into an empty bowl, then brush on another area, sprinkle and tap

Step 3: Squeeze glue onto cd (dots, lines, circles, etc.) and sprinkle on seeds or grains (tap excess out into bowl)

Display: When dry, stick a magnet on the back for fridge art, or loop some string through the hole and hang as a window ornament or X-mas ornament.

Younger Child Option: for the younger 2 year olds, I cut out big pieces of cardboard and painted them white so they would have a larger surface to play on.