D.I.Y Decorative Banners June 01 2017

With spring coming to an end, now is the perfect time to do some last minute spring-cleaning by taking down old décor and creating new ones! These banners are perfect for seasonal décor; they can also be used as decorations for all celebrations such as baby shower, wedding showers, graduations, and birthday parties.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create decorative banners for any occasion! All you need is a...

Avoiding Toxic Cards on Mother's Day May 02 2017

When it comes to simple gifts that you can make for Mother's Day, painting a card or creating a picture are among our first thoughts. Finger painting is a great way to let your kiddos express themselves and create personalized art. However, let’s not forget about the messy and highly toxic situation that’s in conventional children’s paint. It’s important to choose paints that are safe for your kids, especially if their skin...

Recycled Summer Flower Prints June 15 2014

Materials: Earth paint, bowls, Recycled toilet paper rolls, scissors and paper  1) Mix a few colors of Earth Paints in large-ish flat bowls 2) Cut one end of toilet paper rolls into flower shapes 3) Dip toilet paper flowers into paint and stamp on paper 4) Repeat several times to make fun floral prints. Great to use to make cards and send to loved ones :) HAPPY SUMMER! Craft by: Danelle Winser...

How to Make Your Own Eco Artist Canvas May 22 2014

How to stretch, prime and find sustainable materials to make an eco-friendly artist canvas! Plus a Bonus: 7 More sustainable surfaces to paint on (below)         Materials: -Certified Organic Cotton Canvas -Stretcher Bars (options):  Hire a local woodworker to make your stretcher bars with recycled or FSC certified wood OR find old paintings in yard sales and re-use those stretcher bars OR find pre-made sustainable bars at...

"Non-Toxic Painting" Article in Artists & Illustrators Magazine April 22 2012

Read my most recent article in Artists & Illustrators Magazine for an Eco Oil Painting Guide....     Artists&Illustrators-May2012
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