5 Nature Art Projects for Toddlers July 05 2012

The Creative with Kids Blog has just posted my "5 Nature Art Projects for Toddlers" article. Check it out here! 5 more will be coming soon!  

Finding Balance in Family and Business June 03 2012

I've just been interviewed by the great blog, "Creative with Kids" and some of the questions they asked were..... How do you balance family & business?  What inspired you to start this business? How do you balance your creative side with all the linear, fine-detail stuff that comes with running a business?  Do you have any tips for parents to make it easier to allow their kids to paint (for...

Make Your Own Natural Paint Brushes with Plants May 13 2012

Our recent Nature Art Class had alot of fun making natural paint brushes out of yucca plant stalks and horse tails and painting with Earth Paints. The Southwest Native Americans had yucca plants all around them (but they grow in many other places - like my backyard in Oregon) and used them for painting pottery and fabric. Other plants to try are mullein, iris and cattail stems. [caption id="attachment_941" align="aligncenter"...

"Non-Toxic Painting" Article in Artists & Illustrators Magazine April 22 2012

Read my most recent article in Artists & Illustrators Magazine for an Eco Oil Painting Guide....     Artists&Illustrators-May2012

Crafting a Green World Reviews Earth Paints April 08 2012

Crafting a Green World, which is a really great website and resource, has just reviewed Earth Paints LLC! Read it HERE! You can also win a free Earth Paints Kit if you enter their Giveaway Contest!
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