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8 Ways to Use Natural Gold Mica [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] December 28 2016

#1. Natural Gold Mica Oil Paint Ingredients: Natural Gold Mica & Refined Walnut Oil 1. Pour small mound of gold mica on a glass palette  2. Pour small amount of walnut oil on top 3. Mix with a palette knife until smooth (adding more oil as needed). 4. Paint! #2. Flash Guilding 1. Brush an oil or water-based adhesive onto dry painting surface. We used walnut oil.    2. Dip dry, soft...

Make Your Own Eco Stamp Pad & Stamps [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] July 29 2016

MAKE YOUR OWN ECO STAMP PAD in 60 seconds! Supplies: Paper Towels, Natural Earth Paint, Variety of household items to stamp (pencil erasers, golf tees, wine corks, toothpaste cap, cut fruit or vegetables, flowers, Q-tips, toilet paper rolls, finger tips, etc.) Step 1: Fold a few sheets of paper towels into a square and moisten with water Place on a small plate or dish. Step 2: Pour a few spoonfuls...

Eco Artist and Survivor Finds Love through Earth Art [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] July 28 2016

Eco artist, Pamela Hoke, has been on an artistic journey for many years to express nature as love through her writing and art.  She wrote the book “Natural Self Discovery,” and is currently creating a revised edition, which describes her recent move to the Pacific Northwest, her recent challenge with breast cancer, and a shift to Natural Earth Paints as her new medium. Her quest to discover a more earth-friendly and body-friendly...

From the Weirdo Toolbox : Earth Art by Laura Zepeda [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] June 20 2016

Laura Zepeda is an inspirational earth artist in that she has completely invented her own tools, supplies and techniques using roughly crushed earth and minerals to make “paintings” that literally glow like a gemstone. Here is her description of this interesting process….   I have no idea what I’m doing but a thousand ways to do it: I’m equal parts Artist and Mad Scientist. I’m making this up as I go...

One Artist Changes His Art and Saves His Life [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] April 27 2016

Roberto Parada is an internationally known oil painter and illustrator, having been published in Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, ESPN The Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and Huffington Post. Few people know that his art process came close to ending his life in 2004. I had the honor of interviewing him about his journey in discovering which of his art supplies were literally killing him, how it happened and what he did to...

Make Your Own Professional & Natural Watercolors [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] February 22 2016

Making your own watercolors allows you to make an incredibly archival, very high quality paint that has a more brilliant luminosity (see comparison to commercial tubed paint below) and are free of fillers, preservatives, heavy metals, petroleum-based pigments and toxins. And it couldn't be simpler!! Ingredients:  Natural Earth Pigments Gum Arabic Powder Honey clove or thyme essential oil   Step 1: Make the Watercolor Base: Mix 1 cup hot water with ½...

Make your own Natural Clay House Paint [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] August 27 2015

Every room in my home is painted with this natural clay paint that's easy to make, economical, and gives my home a beautiful, soft, adobe-like look. I get compliments from all my guests! Supplies Needed: drill with paint mixer attachment bucket flour borax Natural Earth Pigments fine sand (optional) Step 1: Make Flour Paste: Mix 2 cups cold water with 1 cup flour, then add to 6 cups of boiling water...

Make Your Own Natural and Non-Toxic Impasto Medium [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] July 12 2015

Now Available at Natural Earth Paint ... Natural Impasto Medium!  $7.25 each Thicken and extend your paint naturally to create beautiful textural effects. NATURAL EARTH PAINT Ashland, Oregon

Summer Sale at Natural Earth Paint! July 02 2015

Store Wide Sale! July 1st-4th Only20% off with coupon code: 20offJuly

Natural Egg Dye Sale! [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] March 19 2015

Easter is fast approaching, April 5th! Stock up now on Natural Egg Dye Kits made with pure fruit and vegetable extracts (spinach, purple carrots, turmeric, beets, red cabbage, and blueberries).  Click HERE for creative and natural egg dyeing tricks and tips!   NATURAL EARTH PAINT Ashland, Oregon

St. Patty's Day Nature Craft & Treasure Hunt [NATURAL EARTH PAINT] March 14 2015

St. Patty's Day Nature Craft & Treasure Hunt: Make your own Leprechaun Gold with DIY natural gold mica paint Here's a great and simple activity to get outside, be in nature, have loads of fun and do crafts! March 17th is St. Patty's Day and what a perfect day to pretend to be a leprechaun OR hunt for a leprechaun. As you know, Leprechaun's always have a pot of gold...

Make your own Natural Modeling Clay March 08 2015

DIY Natural & Non-toxic Modeling Clay My 4 year old son loves home-made play dough, but in the reality of our hectic days, I never find myself with time to make new batches for him. So when someone gave him a set of modeling clay that permanently stays moist and malleable and infinitely re-usable, I was very excited. I noticed though that there was a toxic smell and it stuck...
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